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Chairs (East German).jpg
Six chairs from the German Democratic Republic in the storage area of the Wende Museum, Culver City, California.

Poster advertising a three-month beginning course in Tatar language, the history of the Tatar people, and the foundations of Islam. Sponsored by the Muhammediya mosque.

Poster advertising a free three-month course in Tatar language, Tatar history and the basics of Islam, sponsored by the World Congress of Tatars and the Russian Islamic University.

Logotype of the Janalif publishing house in Kazan, as it appeared on the back cover of Shamil Usmanov's 1928 Taŋ.

Äl-İslax, №22
An issue of the Tatar journal Äl-İslax, which was published in Kazan in 1907 and 1908.

Shop window of Gölçatay, which calls itself a fashionable Muslim clothing salon. Gölçatay is best known in the post-Soviet space as the name by which the Bolshevik officer calls all nine of the wives liberated by the Bolsheviks in the classic Soviet…

Graffiti on a Soviet-era mural in Kazan. The symbol in white above the phrase, "We are Bulgars and not Tatars" is a symbol of the Neo-Bulgarist movement, and it is meant to represent a rune, such as those used in Volga Bulgaria before the state…
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